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If I was him...married..& got caught out of course a "scam" would be my defense too.I'm very sorry to tell you, but yes - it's definately him.Just because you didn't uncheck a box on the sign up page that you won't even notice. It took me about 7 stressful phone calls and having to go to my bank and put stop payment on company. How can I get myself out of this mess Unfortunately, it sound like you have gotten yourself into a type of fraud ring.The girls that are messaging you most of them are fake girls that the site pays or there cam girls trying to get your credit card info. If your reading this do yourself a favour and join a more secure and user friendly site like Ashley Madison or there are others but definitely do not join this site. I signed up for a one(1) month membership - they charged me for the membership and for another app which I did not sign up for or request. They make it very difficult to cancel your account - you must enter your password and then they send you a "cancelation code". I suggest you cancel the credit card number they have. First, the majority of the pictures are computer generated with responses that are not specific to asked questions!!Were only 8 guys within 50 miles online and you have to pay them to see the messages you get. I made an account as a Male and an Account as a Female. youll be glad you didnt waste your time and money here. After 10 minutes of chatting, they all have to leave, but they stay online... So the same they i canceled my account, aftert arguing for 15 minutes with a customer service clerk (that i had to call). The day after, i have a charge of 39,99$ CA on my credit card for a subscription on (wich is the same interface as but with different colors) a site that a have checked out but never subscribed to. The site itself is flooded with bots, but the real pain is what happens when you cancel. I said NO, I do not want membership in any other sites. Three days later I get a charge for .41 from a merchant I'd never heard of, Not sure, but it could have been the same voice I'd spoken to cancel my benaughty membership. After all it is a reputable place to pick up girls.Not everything online is evil, nor does danger lurk behind every new app that comes to market. Kids can hide any app they don’t want you to see, Teen Safe says.But keeping up with your teens' and preteens' online activities is much like trying to nail jelly to the barn door -- frustrating, futile and something bound to make you feel inept. Such is the case with Audio Manager, an app that has nothing to do with managing your teen's music files or controlling the volume on his smartphone and everything to do with him hiding things like nude photos from you. When you press and hold the Audio Manager app, a lock screen is revealed -- behind which users can hide messages, photos, videos, and other apps.

Sedgrid Lewis, online safety expert, notes that these apps look like a normal calculator app but when teens push a button within the app they can hide all inappropriate pictures.

"It's a key way teens are hiding their nude pictures from their parents," said Lewis.

Lewis says the best way to solve this situation is for parents to add their teen to their i Cloud account.

You must sign in to your account and you will be prompted for the code - they never prompt you for this. The "women" on here are paid spammers - no one is REAL!! I'm not going to give details as the moron who is doing it will probably read this... That way, you will not be liable for any fraudulent activity charges. They will go away when you cancel your credit card. Okay, maybe his credit card number was used for fruadulant activity or to sign up an account on be naughy.

They will also sign you up for "sister sites" even though you did not request them - again nearly impossible to get in touch with someone to cancel or get your money back for apps. You can just tell the same person is answering your texts when you are trying to talk to girls.... but this sight is a fluffer sight for their pay to watch girls on camera sites... I don't believe in coincidences..especially when your saying his mobile was attached. I would be checking all the info supplied on the account, photos, DOB, same area/location, personal details, check credit card statement - how long has payments be going on for?

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Vaulty will not only store photos and videos away from parental spying eyes, but it also will snap a photo of anyone who tries to access the "vault" with the wrong password.

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