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The drug causes the penis to fill with blood and you’ll get an erection within 5 to 10 minutes. The drug alprostadil is also available as a small pellet, called MUSE®, and as a cream called Vitaros®.

Because getting an erection also relies on your thoughts and feelings, tackling any worries or relationship issues as well as having medical treatment for erection problems, often works well.When you're sexually aroused (turned on) your brain sends signals to the nerves in your penis.The nerves then cause blood flow in to your penis, making it hard.With the cream, you or your partner can rub in any cream that's left on the tip and massage your penis to help it absorb the drug.If the pellet works you should get an erection within 5-10 minutes which lasts for up to an hour. You use a pump and a plastic cylinder to create a vacuum which makes the blood flow into your penis. After using the pump to get an erection, you slip a constriction ring from the end of the cylinder around the base of your penis.

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