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So what Icon Jar has done here is a trick that you can easily duplicate – use action words: Boost, organize, drag & drop.It’s easy to say something like “Icon Jar keeps your icons tidy so you can find them anytime”, but that’s bland and uninspiring.A newspaper-style clipping and a pair of sinister eyes completes the picture, and it’s easy to tell exactly at-a-glance what this is about.Google said it wouldn’t do something, and they did it anyway.The “Hello, We’re _________” is a type of headline that you’d typically find on freelance creative portfolios, but it’s good to see it expanding.By taking something as boring, frustrating and confusing as health insurance and making it friendly and open, Oscar has the potential to get a lot of positive attention through just the power of words alone.

The sub-headline here gets into the nitty-gritty of the offer, but does it flawlessly in a single sentence. I’ve kept this ad from Bing for a while, just because it was so good.Of course, Bing is not immune to having its own search records seized, but there’s no mention of that.Bing doesn’t even go into a full-fledged bullet-point frenzy over what they do better, because as we all know, you could probably count those things on one hand.Maybe you’ve heard about it, but you don’t understand why everyone’s pinning and sharing and creating. “They used Pinterest to plan a dream trip” is just one of many possible outcomes of using the site. Fortunately, Pinterest adds a little enticement to the headline by letting you know that it only takes around 45 seconds to sign up, and that there are billions of pins to explore – so you can use Pinterest to do whatever inspires and motivates you.Debuting in New York, Oscar is a health insurance company that, as its introductory paragraph describes, is using technology to simplify insurance by making it friendlier and more accessible.

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