Ryan seacrest is dating

Over the past year, their on-screen chemistry has always been on point during the daily talk show — and that's because their relationship is strong both on and off the air.

"They get along famously," a source told exclusively, that "they are very in sync with each other." The insider added, "With Ryan, Kelly feels like she’s met her match.

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Taylor also shared a little behind-the-scenes moment on her Instagram, along with the full recipe for her "guilt free" banana bread.

This wasn't necessarily surprising as, throughout the competition, Miz Poppe was known for her unique voice and artistic ability.

Her reputation is rolled up in this — this is her show. She has to make a decision and rally around him." Neither Kelly nor Ryan's reps have spoken out, but one source noted that their friendship has made this whole thing very difficult.

"He’s one of her closest friends, and they’re very protective of each other.

However, her win was certainly a bittersweet one, since she beat out boyfriend Caleb Lee Hutchinson!

The victor and the runner up confirmed their romance amid the last 15 minutes of the singing competition. Hutchinson who spilled the beans, as he told host Ryan Seacrest: be outraged that another high school shooting has taken place in the United States.

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They’ve known each other for years and talk about everything. But don't worry, they won't let this get in the way of their talk show.

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