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They had good jobs, they had a busy cultural and social life, they travelled a lot, they already had access to the best their society has to offer, the bills were paid, and they only felt that the one thing they missed out in life was romance and adventures.And they didn't expect the relationship to last forever, but just to enjoy the ride. They looked for similarly well-appointed men of same cultural and social level -for those mid to upper class russian women, anything less is not a man worth fucking. What you wrote is surely true for Ukrainian MILFs in Harkov or Nikolaiev working a modest job, having difficulties to make ends meet, single with a kid, ect, but it's definitely not true for most of the women you can meet in Moscow or Piter. Can you hold a slightly arrogant/overly confident frame? Any reason why you didn't look up other threads on gaming Russian women? The most notoriously ineffective tactic with FSU women is "Mr Nice Guy". Russian women are known not to wear a lot of makeup and go for the "natural" look. And keep in mind that Russian women are notorious for testing the boundaries of controlling men.On average, thanks to this site (and before Lucky Lovers, which was great till 2008) and to my own trips, I have two russian women visiting each month - not all are new contacts of course, some of them come here two or three times a year, and some of them I know since four or five years. only simple touristic things and nice and friendly places. Really, all of my GFs have been totally happy with that, and even the most wealthy ones (one of my long-term GF is married to an oligarch, another one is a well-known TV presenter, ect).Also I find that their mentality, once in Paris, change, in a very positive sense; they are totally happy with longs walks, visits of picturesque areas and of museums, dinners in modest yet nice romantic restaurants, cocktails in friendly bars, evenings at home with some good wine, a plate of cheese and a good movie, ect. The legend of the greedy russian girl only eager to retrieve you from your €€ by dragging you to money-obliterating places is ridiculous.

Since we seem to be somewhat lazy, how about some cliff notes. Russian women think guys who buy drinks and dinner are betas. Be forward without being rude, be direct without being oafish.Even if your bankroll is not important you can date girls “mid to upper tier” looks-wise which are not typical party girls and who are of low cost of maintenance, i.e honest girls who prefer romantic quiet cafes to expensive restaurants, don't mind riding the metro and like to spend evenings at home fucking a guy they really like to be with instead of going out to glam money-obliterating clubs to show off to their friends, ect.But if you target 8 high-heeled women in their mid to late 20's who are used to go out in trendy cafes, bars or restaurants, even if they are not interested by your wallet, your budget might be inadequate. I think some key lines from Bang Ukraine pretty much applies to Russian women too especially the ones 25 plus in age.For example, I did that lame PUA twirl maneuver on a russian girl in a bar not long ago which I usually conclude by pinching their ass if I'm 80% sure she's into me or if I'm getting impatient and would rather get blown out of a set for being ballsy than waste my time on a girl with a boyfriend. If it's the same one I'm on too let's call it RIR in short - so we are clear it's same one.She joke-slapped me and since I was a little tipsy and not thinking, I joke-slapped her right back. Yes - I'm getting a lot of respond on there but it is mainly MILF's, some are even younger such as single Mom's in their 20's.

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