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June is right around the corner and with that means hotter days and more excuses to wear comfortable clothing.The time period between leaving my office and changing into shorts and t-shirt are the moments I anticipate and enjoy (even if it is pouring rain, there's something pretty majestic about being in a downpour...sound of the rain, the way it feels when it hits the - I swear when someone designs a short/t-shirt suit like attire I will the first to sign up.There are days where it may be 75/100 or 82/91 and that's OK, I don't expect perfection.The beauty of humanity is our imperfections and that is what make us perfect (credit to the movie TRON for that paraphrase quote! We are unique and we are different and that should be cherished and acknowledged.

I love making amazing things that most people have not tried. I love just being able to just talk to someone new and be there for them and to just make someone’s day better.I work hard at my job and feel that I am respected there (I lead a team of 17, I enjoy hearing them refer to me as "their lead" or "their manager" rather than their "boss" - I don't boss anybody around, invest in your staff and they will return that investment tenfold), I have a strong 4 circles of friends and I am close with my family (parents, sister niece and nephew, grandma(s), aunts/uncles, cousins - I have a biiiiiig family) and while all this is nice and dandy I notice more often than not when I come home to an empty apartment that I am found wanting.I think saying I am "looking for love" or "looking for the one" would be disingenuous as those phrases are relative and frankly meaningless.I am Pakistani / Indian (yes, those two counties hate each other but I am the peace baby) and have lived in Virginia for my 31 years (but was born in DC) and currently live in Rosslyn, VA (but work in DC).I am 5"10 and have cinnamonish / olive brown skin (don't get sunburned, woop woop! I workout 4-5 times a week and since January am proud to say that my workout regime has been paying dividends into just feeling and being healthy.

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I am an adventurous eater and I love to expand my pallet in order to find new foods and dishes that I hope to one day serve in my cafe. It was something that I have always loved doing until my ex-wife took advantage of me being a nice guy and ruined it for me for a long, long, long time.

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