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As people get older we get embarrassed about that, thinking wooooh, can't be thinking that sort of thing, can't be writing poetry. I want all our children to be inspired, all our children to have the right to play music, to write poetry, to learn in the way that they want.

"They are all human beings just like all of us here today, looking for a place of safety and looking to make their contribution to the future of all of us, so let's support them in their hour of need, not see them as a threat and a danger."Racism in any form divides, weakens and denies us the skills and brilliance of people who are being discriminated against in just the same way that sexism was, be it in lower pay for women, less opportunities for women, or less aspirations."We need to challenge sexism in any form in our society, to challenge homophobia, to challenge all the discrimination that goes on and to ensure that the society that we want to build is one that's inclusive for all."It's that sense of unlocking the potential in all of us that I find so inspiring, and I'm inspired by many poets and many people, and I think we should adopt a maxim in life, that everyone we meet is unique, everyone we meet knows something we don't know, is slightly different to us in some ways."Don't see them as a threat, don't see them as an enemy, see them as a source of knowledge, a source of friendship, and a source of inspiration.

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