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The widow of Phil Lynott, the band's legendary frontman, said there was no way the singer would have supported the Republican candidate.Caroline Lynott-Taraskevics, one of the controllers of the Irishman's estate, has told the band's record company to issue a cease and desist order preventing Romney from using Thin Lizzy classics."It is too late to stop it happening, but it will prevent a recurrence," she said."In America, the record company gives permission, so we have told them to issue a cease and desist order to the Republican Party."Lynott's wife and his mother Philomena were angered after Mr Romney used the anthem The Boys Are Back In Town at the Republican convention in Florida.I’m trying to be less selfish about the shake-up of my inner circle. There’s been a little bit of getting used to pain in this first year, although my heart is far from calloused.Although it’s true that maybe I cry softer and maybe even less frequently, the pain hasn’t really lessened. My wound still bleeds, but there aren’t as many new cuts.Ms Lynott-Taraskevics, who is the mother of Lynott's two daughters Sarah and Cathleen, said she wants to ensure his legacy remains true to him as an individual."I am powerless over much of what goes on, but where I have a say, I do what I believe Philip would have done," she added.Jim Fitzpatrick, the artist who designed many of Thin Lizzy's album sleeves, had personally raised the controversy with Ms Lynott-Taraskevic.

That involved 40 Samoans labouring for hours to cut a path through the bush to the ancient burial place of chiefs.The first days and weeks after losing my husband I wasn’t sure how I’d survive, or if I even wanted to.Losing my spouse crumbled my foundation and the pain was unbearable at times.She wrote: 'I began to mix the mayonnaise; he dropping the oil with a steady hand, drop by drop.Suddenly, he set down the bottle, knelt by the table, leaning his head against it.

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When one of the kids asks to hear a story, my mind finds fewer stories to share.

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