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Luke the Evangelist wrote the Gospel of Luke and was aware of the two Gospels that preceded him.Unlike some competing hypotheses, this hypothesis does not rely on, nor does it argue for, the existence of any document that is not explicitly mentioned in historical testimony.Augustine also discussed the commonalities between the Synoptic Gospels, including the identical language found in Matthew, Mark, and Luke.Augustine was not the first to articulate this view, as Irenaeus and Origen, among others, shared this ordering.Then the Gospel of Luke was written using both Mark and Matthew.The Augustinian hypothesis is a solution to the synoptic problem, which concerns the origin of the Gospels of the New Testament.The hypothesis takes its name from Augustine of Hippo, an early 5th century bishop and church father, who wrote: "Now, those four evangelists whose names have gained the most remarkable circulation over the whole world, and whose number has been fixed as four, ..believed to have written in the order which follows: first Matthew, then Mark, thirdly Luke, lastly John." And: "Of these four, it is true, only Matthew is reckoned to have written in the Hebrew language; the others in Greek.

Because of the similarity on primary points of contention, this hypothesis is also treated as a possible amendment to the Augustinian hypothesis.The fathers whose writings survive and who wrote about authorship are almost unanimous in agreement that Matthew the apostle was the author, wrote first, and did so for the Hebrews in their language.The earliest surviving references to the gospel tradition are quoted by Eusebius (lived c.The hypothesis holds that Matthew was written first, by Matthew the Evangelist (see the Gospel According to the Hebrews and the Jewish-Christian Gospels).Mark the Evangelist wrote the Gospel of Mark second and used Matthew and the preaching of Peter as sources.

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Last of all, aware that the physical facts had been recorded in the gospels, encouraged by his pupils and irresistibly moved by the Spirit, John wrote a spiritual gospel.

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