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She said she was even offered a reality TV show, but settled for a book deal, and we're so lucky she did: Popular is a hilarious collection of her craziest online dating anecdotes and time-tested wisdom. Despite her "popularity," Urasek feels just like any other online dater, and has had more than her fair share of awful experiences. Talking about an ex on a first date (or, you know, ever) is possibly the most obvious red flag ever.Per her book, we're offered a glimpse into the darker side of online dating, and, for those of us who've been in her shoes, it's refreshingly relatable to know that other women deal with the same B. Here are seven red flags that she's come to associate with negative results (and I've thrown in some of my own, too). As Urasek says, "Nobody wants to hear intimate details about a guy's sordid romantic past," and mentioning an ex on your profile or talking about her (or, worse, them) on a date basically screams "I'm not over it!A partner like that will make any and all arguments hellish, to say the least.Being a mature adult means knowing that it's OK to be wrong, and being willing to compromise with a partner when you are.Just as quickly as it starts, it will end just as abruptly.4.

Your finances on a “need to know basis” – they don’t need to know until you have met numerous times in person, and a solid relationship has evolved.

Popular: The Ups and Downs of Online Dating from the Most Popular Girls in New York Cityby Lauren Urasek , , Amazon Urasek, a 25-year-old New York City resident, led a seemingly normal life, until New York magazine proclaimed her "New York City's most popular girl on Ok Cupid" in 2014...

thus turning her mostly average world into a veritable media circus.

Because of the fast-paced, "on to the next one" mentality omnipresent in online dating, someone who seems unwilling to meet your friends (or introduce you to theirs) may be subconsciously checked out of the relationship — a serious red flag that things won't progress any further.

You see this all the time on dating profiles: Someone, in a "joking" manner, pokes fun at their ex, calling her "crazy" and saying that he is looking for someone sane this time around.

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If they are telling you a tale of how they “were on top of the world but then ____ ruined everything” (blaming someone else) this is another red flag to watch out for.

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