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Amazon Tribeca takes on 2 separate males and teaches her friend Gwendolyn to wrestle. Lexi R takes on a fan who does not take her seriously and pays the price. School teacher Cory scissors dead beat dad.6'2" Francesca takes on 2 separate males and showcases her deadly figure-4(triangles).

Muscular Gianna also takes on 2 separate males in competitive matches.

Jane and Vicky are both challenged by Stefan that result in competitive and close fought matches. Amazon Mathilda shows her awesome power against an average sized male. Tribeca shows her wrestling holds to a fan in the pool. Nicole B and Graciella devastate Roy with jiu-jitsu and painful scissor holds. Julie and Nicole (coached by MMA fighter) make believers out of two fans who doubted the realism of grapplinggirls. BBW's Amanda and Jilliane easily overpower skinny Jake. Kordelia scissors and grapevines Bob.6'4" Xena takes on a 140lb male and completely overpowers him.

Daniella, Vicky and Tyra take turns taking on The Punk Rocker who is overwhelmed by grapevines, jiu-jitsu chokes and scissors. A fan (Giovanni) finds out the hard way that watching is safer than participating. Voluptuous Lisandra, muscular Tanya, 6' plus amazons Keeley & Anja put on an extravaganza of scissors, grapevines, pins and much more in competitive action vs. Julie, masked fan, Phoenix, Aaron, Phil, Lillith, Tricia, and Katie in 100% competitive wrestling action. Voluptuous London dominates Jake with wrestling and arm-wrestling. Desaree is back using her flexibility and scissors vs. Tony is given his rematch against Simona who at 19 is half his age.

Tall wrestlers Francesca and Melinda take turns submitting a much shorter male. Crystal and Mandy T take turns crushing poor Tom with their strong legs. Nurse Heather takes on the much smaller Kenneth and overpowers him.

Mandy K uses her strength to effectively submit her opponent. Lexi is interviewed by Blabbermouth and then she humiliates him by totally outclassing him in a wrestling match. Julie and Sara take turns taking on the always tough Stefan.

Yola shows her scissors prowess in the bath tub and 6'3" Nya destroys Chad. Note: There are portions of this video that have glitches (Jc and Vanessa footages have some glitches that last around 5 seconds each).Marie A does an interview and tries out her scissors on the cameraman.Secretary Jaquelin talks about her experiences with sessions. Curvy and powerful Lorraine takes on a slender male.This match is for the purists who want to see the male hold his own.After Stefan, the girls take turns overpowering the much lighter Justin who does his best to escape Julie's figure-4's and scissors.

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