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His father wanted him to attend Chaminade, but O'Reilly wanted to attend W.Tresper Clarke High School, the public school most of his closest friends would attend.She said that I was a great guy, but she really didn’t see any saving the relationship. Now maybe you’re thinking that hooking up with the first girl I could find was a taking the low road, but the fact was that I felt so worthless, ineffective and unwanted that I guess I just needed to know that someone out there found me desirable. I lacked the confidence back then to know that how others respond to me is secondary to how I see myself.And she said that she would love to be friends if that could be possible. I lacked the experience back then to realize that the relationship didn’t have anything I really valued to begin with.I needed to learn these life lessons and she wanted a different type of guy in her life.So in your situation, I would recommend the same thing: A frank, to-the-point conversation – it’s not working anymore, I don’t see it getting better, you’re great, but I want to break up.

O'Reilly's early television news career included reporting and anchoring positions at WNEP-TV in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he also reported the weather.

The O'Reilly Factor was the highest-rated cable news show for 16 years and he was described by media analyst Howard Kurtz as "the biggest star in the 20 year history at Fox News" at the time of his departure.

O'Reilly's media career took a major blow after various New York Times investigations revealed that he had paid half a dozen women nearly million to settle various sexual harassment lawsuits.

Still, we saw each other a few times, hooked up and spent some really amazing time together. We sent a couple messages back and forth over break, then out of the blue, she called me and asked for my thoughts on us being exclusive.

If it were today, I would have said “not at the moment” (in the nicest way possible), but for some reason I said, “Sure.

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Long story short (too late), she left for the summer that year and then dumped me one week before she came back over the phone.

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