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Its odd I’ve been going on dates with men and they have been going very well, but when we discuss the arrangement a few of them seem confused. What if you’re really going through a rough patch in life that you can’t put your best on because you’re broke as hell! He has offered to take me on a trip to Las vegas, to go shopping while in vegas.

he asked me what I want, a true relationship or money for casual sex thing. Now it has been a few yrs sense I last was on a website and got in contact with a man but of course he is abroad and he talks about the financial how do I know they are for real is there away to know they are scammers or do I have to wait until the ball drop.

I want to pay my bills and take care of my pets too. I love to travel and if you can take care of me I will sooo take care of you… I have NEVER posted anything like this before, but as I stated, I am tired of doing life alone, let me make you happy and in return…. Hey Leslie, thanks for stopping by and we feel ya 🙂 A girl deserves lovely things – and a man who realizes keeping us happy keeps him happy. We have talked about our relationship being solely for pleasure and fun as he has a family back home.

You sound like a giver and that’s awesome – it’ll serve you well in the sugar world. It has been extremely helpful and I am taking notes to the T. It would have taken me months of trial and error to figure this valuable insights out. I want to know if you have any tips on how to make my profile stand out? Also I am really shy and I’m surprised I’m writing this now but I do want to find someone I can spend time with and have spoil me. However, we never talked about money or the status of our relationship.

There are enough sugar daddies out there who prefer more mature women or who don’t see age as important as other qualities. Focus on your strengths and your unique advantages, you’ll find someone who appreciates them 🙂 Hey so i joined the sugar daddy web site and in talking to this guy and we are meeting tomorrow I told him I wanted a bbl that’s the reason I joined the page can I ask more then that he didn’t put how much he makes in his profile he said that was very interesting cause nobody has ever ask him for that does that mean like a yes Hi Abi, I’m guessing by “BBL,” you’re referring to the Brazilian Butt Lift?

If so, it’s not totally uncommon for sugar babies to ask for elective surgery – or even non-sugar babies.

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I mean, asking him before hand could be misconstrued as dodgey but you don’t want to meet a POT who has offered a price only to not pay up at the end.

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