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First off, the backdrop of the footage showcases writing in Japanese, specifically a cursive form on kanji written in a vertical form.The drums and flutes that play during the tease also sound specifically-eastern in origin. But more importantly, From Software has worked on the Tenchu series in the past. Didn’t even get the full spread out and hung a single. We couldn’t keep those 30-60 pounders off our rigs. Continue reading Today was the second day in a row that the tuna fishing was going off! The steady SW wind stirred everything up after having so many nice days in a row. What I will happily try to convey, though, is just how much of developer Overworks' later SRPG efforts shines through here.This is the same developer responsible for Skies of Arcadia and the absolutely brilliant Valkyria Chronicles -- and the latter's roots are especially apparent almost from the second you start your first battle. Continue reading Today we had a little bit of a slow day. We had okay conditions for one but there weren’t that many to go around.

One need only look at the fact that the Play Station 2's Special Edition is made up of two discs (one with an English dub and the other with the original Japanese dialogue) to see just how much info is in this game. That's why it's such an interesting and, frankly, amazing experience, though.

Months ago, I plumbed the first several hours of the game to bring you guys some seriously meaty impressions and the general gameplay setup.

Given that the preview was a whopping four pages, I'll leave that link above for you to actually get into the bulk of how the game works.

There's another reason for the initial hesitancy: this is a SEGA game, made by an internal SEGA team, and that originally only appeared on SEGA hardware.

The series eventually moved to the Play Station 2 when SEGA's hardware business crumbled, but the post-Dreamcast publishing environment was even less of a risk-friendly option in the early days, and thus, the series continued to be successful in Japan but only accessible to an American audience with a decent grasp of the Japanese language and the fiscal means to import things.

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