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As the EPO lowers patent quality, staff quality, and quality of procedures (recipe for disaster) we’re left wondering in what state — if any at all — the EPO will be a decade from now.

█ Permalink Leave Your Comment Send this to a friend We have already seen the EPO shelling out stakeholders’ money for illegal activities like obtrusive surveillance, plenty of bodyguards for Battistelli and his cronies, a secret little pub for Battistelli and his cronies, alleged ‘bribe’ money for votes, money for lawyers who financially destroy staff (e.g.

in ILO), several law firms that legally bullied me on behalf of Team Battistelli, ‘soft’ bribes to media companies, ‘soft’ bribes to academia and so much more. Well, mentioned by SUEPO earlier today was this new Kluwer Patent Blog post from Samuel Adams.

The EPO is being treated like a bottomless money pit, mostly by Battistelli. He also pockets some more money along with his cronies (they give themselves generous ‘bonuses’). It’s about the EPO thinking that it's an investment bank, as anonymous EPO insiders have warned.

Here we see Team UPC, after it increased censorship (it promotes patent trolls’ agenda while blocking critics) saying: #Now With Reduced Trolling As if UPC critics are "trolls" and "idiots".

1) was published among the “Administrative Council documents” on the EPO web site.

Watch what IAM has just said: “It’s not just wicked foreigners that undermine US IP. Talk of IP trade wars may make them a touch nervous down Cupertino way! That the decisions against management were not worthy of comment says it all since those decisions highlighted the corruption of internal justice where the accuser was also leading the prosecution case and advising those who sat in judgement. The decisions which went against the judge and the union rep included decisions against intermediate steps (asking for but being refused return of confiscated personal property (a USB stick) and refusal to investigate harassment by the internal investigative unit).

Someone should tell the president that American patent owners are likely to have more success enforcing their rights in countries like Germany and China than they are at home. Chinese mobile companies, on the other hand, have only a tiny footfall in the US. […] Top 10 smartphone sellers in China for 2017: 1. One would have thought lessons could be learnt and at least some token gesture would be made to recognise managerial errors and promise to improve. In both cases the tribunal considered that these were part of a procedure which was ongoing but not concluded (at that time).

According to this report from a few hours ago: Following critisism [sic] from the industry, the European Patent Office has drafted a proposal to allow exemptions to its Early Certainty Initiative.

Industry associations had pressed the EPO not to limit the time to grant a patent to 12 months arguing it would have detrimental effects on the life sciences sector.

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