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IF Str To Int(Page Info(7)) =0 THEN Trn Set Pen(25, 1, Assinfo(1,0)); Trn Set Pen(25, 2, Ass Info(2,0)); ENDThis might not be relevant , but any changes to trends can cause some problem with the history files.I have had this problem , and you need to delete all the files in the data folder.In 2008, Paramore announced they were going to be playing their first Irish show.I remember in April, I queued with my two friend Sorcha and Michelle, at 4.30am at the Jervis centre to queue up for Paramore tickets.I have upgraded Citect from 5.4 to 7.4 following the upgrade path, the program compiles and runs fine but a super genie that displays 3 trends will not now display the trends.i am using setpen and assinfo to get the tag the tags are displaying values fine just not in the trend.

Other HMIs display #### or **** or some combination when a number is too big. Even if I did, the back-up restore should have render everything back to the initial state but still, I can't have it show 0.00 in the text input..In Citect explorer , go View - Data Folder and delete all the trend history there.Since you are using Page Info i assume you are calling the function using a Cicode object on the page.I think I was happier running windows xp all this upgrading has aged me.The Project Setup Tool is found in the Config files (Start : Use the updated I/O Device Manager to add or remove a single I/O device, or to import multiple devices using a CSV file.

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