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And all the selected hyperlinks are deleted at once. After installing Kutools for Excel, apply Delete Hyperlinks according to following steps: Tips: After using the function, there will be a message box popping up to indicate the removing result.The following example shows how to remove hyperlinks with Kutools for Excel.Link rot (or linkrot) is the process by which hyperlinks on individual websites or the Internet in general point to web pages, servers or other resources that have become permanently unavailable.The phrase also describes the effects of failing to update out-of-date web pages that clutter search engine results.This frequently results in a 404 error, which indicates that the web server responded but the specific page could not be found.Another type of dead link occurs when the server that hosts the target page stops working or relocates to a new domain name.Research Link rot is also called "link death", "link breaking" or "reference rot".

One of the most common reasons for a broken link is that the web page to which it points no longer exists.An alternative is using a specific broken link checker like Xenu's Link Sleuth.However, if a URL returns an HTTP 200 (OK) response, it may be accessible, but the contents of the page could have changed and may no longer be relevant. Some web servers also return a soft 404, reporting to computers that the link works even though it doesn't. (2004) developed a heuristic for automatically discovering soft 404s.A 2013 study in BMC Bioinformatics analyzed nearly 15,000 links in abstracts from Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science citation index and found that the median lifespan of web pages was 9.3 years, and just 62% were archived.In August 2015 Weblock analyzed more than 180,000 links from references in the full-text corpora of three major open access publishers and found that overall 24.5% of links cited were no longer available.

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Other reasons for broken links include: In a 2003 experiment, Fetterly et al.

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