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I did these things over and over again for twenty minutes. We all use Photoshop, and few of us could do our jobs without it.The Cache Levels control screen redraw and histogram speed.If you work with large files with few layers, try increasing the Cache Levels.I went back and did BOTH, restarted, it was still there.I then went to my system configuration and unchecked Adobe Updater, hit apply, hit OK, said yes to the request to restart, and it was STILL THERE. Here’s a resource for those of you running Photoshop CS6: working on images, Photoshop stores data for Undo, Clipboard and History. Even with all these improvements, there are only so many files you can load before Photoshop will begin to slow down.One way to prevent this from happening is to only work with the file sizes you need for your project.

If the efficiency is less than 90-95%, refer to step 3 to improve your system performance.

The first thing you need to know is Photoshop is a memory hog. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your programs and devices and make sure you’re running the latest version of Photoshop. Note that you might need a fan to reduce the heat, especially if you use a laptop. In the Memory Usage section, try setting the slider to 70% and test it. In theory you should be able to use 100% but you have to account for other programs and the operating system. Photoshop comes with a default setting of 20 levels of History.

In order for it to function properly it needs a lot of RAM and a clean operating system. Reducing this number will reduce the need for memory.

If that doesn’t work, consider adding more RAM if your computer will support that.

Having enough RAM for Photoshop is extremely important.

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But it can sometimes be maddening, with unexpected hangs, slow performance and sudden, perplexing crashes - leading you to lose your work and often your temper.

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