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Churchill had a good heart, a good mind and she was lucky.

She'd been trying to persuade him that at 30 he wasn't as old as he thought he was.

He didn't like the idea of saying he'd had enough, because that would mean someone else who wasn't on duty would have to come in and maybe that person would be mad at him for giving in.Churchill's mother would describe it more harshly: She believes the company worked her son to death.Churchill worked for 28 hours straight, according to an investigation by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.She dreaded the long hours and so did other girlfriends and wives.Linemen and their families tell stories of how when a storm comes, work can go on for 36, 37, 40 hours in a row. There have been men who have driven trucks so tired that they got back to the service center and couldn't remember who was at the wheel. Going 34 hours without sleep could make a man put his head in his hands and weep, thinking work would never end. His family said he made ,000 in overtime last year, even though he turned down extra work, got caller I. to screen company calls and was the lowest overtime earner at the Farmington service center.

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Brent's mother, Donna, screamed loud enough for her 6-year-old grandson to wonder at how she could make such a sound. Again her husband made the five-minute drive along the wooded curves of Route 43 to the pole by Clearwater Lake. Lineman Tim Cummings had arrived and decided to get his gear and climb. For some reason, Brent Churchill had grabbed a 7,200 volt line at about that afternoon.

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