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The configuration mechanism allows you to externalise how Geb should operate, which means you can use the same suite of Geb code or tests with different browsers or site instances.

The chapter on configuration contains more details on how to manage the configuration parameters and what they are.

Facing away from the developer, they should be the only thing that has a deep knowledge of the structure of the HTML of a page (or part of a page) It’s simplest to think of the methods on a Page Object as offering the "services" that a page offers rather than exposing the details and mechanics of the page.

As an example, think of the inbox of any web-based email system.

Geb is a developer focused tool for automating the interaction between web browsers and web content.

This reduces the amount of duplicated code and means that if the UI changes, the fix need only be applied in one place.

While Geb works well with all of these test tools, we encourage the use of Spock as it’s a great match for Geb with its focus and style.

that specifies which driver implementation to use, the base URL to resolve relative links against and other bits of config.

Each of the potential page instances is initialized and checked to see if it matches the content the browser is actually currently at by running each pages at checker.

All of the page instances passed in must have an “at” checker defined otherwise an .

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