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The plot first follows series protagonist Larry Laffer, fresh from an abrupt divorce, as he combs through a tropical resort looking for love.

The game utilizes Sierra's Creative Interpreter (SCI0), resulting in a graphic style similar to its immediate predecessor, as well as a larger repertoire of MIDI music.It is at this point, the game shifts perspectives; the player now controls Patti, who must navigate the hostile terrain and assorted perils of the jungle (usually by removing parts of her clothing in the process) to find Larry and resolve the misunderstanding.The final act of the game sees Larry and Patti get captured by lesbian cannibals.Finally, they come across Roberta Williams directing Princess Rosella in a scene from King's Quest IV, and Larry is offered a job at Sierra.The game ends with Larry and Patti living in a California log cabin, and Larry writing an aptly titled series of computer games based on his adventures.

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The controls feature a mouse-based interface and a text parser for directing Larry's actions.

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