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But in practice, stretch goals rarely work out, the authors’ research shows. When Marissa Mayer took the helm of the ailing internet giant, in 2012, she announced a number of wildly ambitious targets, including the exceptionally difficult objective of achieving double-digit annual growth.

Five years later, she’d fallen far short on them all, and Yahoo was still struggling.

Normally, it just sits there, and doesn’t do anything.

Likewise, even though the majority of older men may have tiny cancers in their prostates, or a significant number of women in their breasts, the lifetime risk of death or cancer spread is only about 4%.

See, cancer is defined by what it looks like under a microscope, not by what its subsequent behavior is.

So, yeah, using that definition, one in five of these women technically had cancer, like this 30-year-old here.

In other words, they “would not have had [a] breast cancer diagnosed” if they had skipped screening, but were instead “treated [for breast cancer] unnecessarily.

Ironically, though, those who do become mammography’s biggest cheerleaders, thinking mammograms saved their life.While false-positive results, pain during the procedure, and radiation exposure may be among the most frequent harms associated with mammogram screening, “the most serious downside” is now recognized to be something called “overdiagnosis”—so serious as to raise the question: “does it make [the whole thing] worthless?” The value of doing routine mammograms at all is being questioned due to overdiagnosis, which is “the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer that would never have become a threat to a woman’s health, or even apparent, during her lifetime.” See, people “think…that once you have a cancer cell in your body, it will progress, predictably and inevitably, to a terrible death.” And “that[’s] simply not true of most cancers.” “Some cancers [may] outgrow their blood supply,” become starved, and wither away.So, if you had a magic wand that could pick up cancer with 100% accuracy, and waved it in front of people, your overdiagnosis rate—the probability that the prostate cancer you’d pick up would have turned out to be harmless—is like 90%, and nearly every single thyroid cancer, and a significant proportion of breast cancer cases.That’s why screening for these cancers can be tricky, or even potentially dangerous, since, in many cases—sometimes cases—you would have been better off if they had never found it. “There is little evidence of overdiagnosis [for] cervical or colorectal cancer,” for example.

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