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No matter if you use a smartphone or a tablet, laptop or PC, Cargopedia will adapt perfectly to the screen size.Cargopedia runs as a website and does not require installing additional software.The Company culture of correctness and soundness ensures that application security is a concern taken into account since the inception of any project.

Our purpose is to amaze you with well-crafted, useful software that makes an impact on your organization.Through a lean approach to software development, we prioritize with you which features to build, growing software projects step by step, creating a continuous stream of value.Daily or weekly reliable, low-risk releases allows to continuously adapt your software to emerging requirements, market shifts or changes to your business strategies. We focus on growing correct, robust, maintainable software that aligns with your needs in terms of costs, risks and time to market.Registration and ad publishing are free on Cargopedia!The Free plan gives you access to all the basic functions of the site.

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  1. However, becoming a member entails a monthly fee - so there really isn't any free chat after at all. Details and Bottom Dollar: One day trial membership is only gonna cost you 4.99, but if you're not careful there's a monthly recurring fee of 39.98 unless you cancel immediately after the 24hrs.

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