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Unless we think it’s highly possible that they also are interested.” “In general, you meet when you’re drunk and then hook up.Then after, maybe text a little, and then hook up again.” “After my best friend hooked up twice (with her current boyfriend), then he asked her out on a really nice date.” “Oftentimes sex comes first, than dates” “The key is to not go to bed with him first night and get to know them, so you capture them before they get anything.” So in a nutshell, it seems that only under the influence of alcohol and around a group of friends will a Norwegian think to approach you.Many times that doesn’t happen.” “I think a lot of couples in Norway meet through parties where they have common friends, which mean they should not be an asshole and should keep in touch, and they meet at universities and through friends and etc., which is a nicer way of meeting.” “Most contact goes through SMS or face book.We might communicate face-to-face, but only when we’re drunk, and still that is only if we don’t know each other and we meet in a bar.” “We don’t dare to ask out anyone…Hi,, I'm Meeai from Philippines, currently leaving her in Norway.I'm just new to this country and everything is a big challenge and especially the to may singapore life i love to spend may time in games, i..

Honesty, tolerance, sunny dispositions, and care for others are also aspects of the typical Norwegian.Girl from Norway, often on vacation in the UK and therefore need some friends :) I love photography, art and music.Studied Media and communication for about three years, but this year I'm moving over to sociology cla..Whilst researching the top places in London for where to go on a date in London, I turned to my group of friends and asked for their suggestions.Their responses ranged from nice dinner locations to rooftop venues with breathtaking views.

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