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When an old nemesisa rich psychopath responsible for three murdersis elected to the U. Senate (where she fits right in), Lucas Davenport follows her to Washington to confront her., Lisa. In a domestic thriller, a woman is delighted when the daughter she lost custody of years before now wants to live with her and her second husband, but things do not go well, resulting in the daughters murder and the husbands arrest., Paige. American Delaney Nichols working at a bookshop in Edinburgh becomes interested in the tale of Burke and Hare who overly zealously provided bodies for an anatomist at the medical college in the nineteenth century, but when a medical student is found dead with a skull placed next to her body, she decides to investigate. When a debut novelist is rescued from the bottom of a pool, her family insists that it was another suicide attempt, but the woman insists that she was pushed, despite the fact that she has no memory of the incident in a twisty novel of memory, lies, and ratcheting suspense. investigates the bombing death of a Phoenix journalist forty years ago, a case the solution to which left numerous questions unanswered, but the reopened investigation leads to a new series of murders, re-enactments of the citys mobster past., August. A debut thriller about a young State Department intern who survives a terror attack in Ankara only to find herself on the run from both the Turkish intelligence service and the CIA because she may have witnessed something, something that she cannot remember., Daniela. When a Munich bookseller receives word that the body of her beloved grandmother has been found in an upstate New York forest preserve, she flies to New York to find out what happened in an intergenerational family mystery that spans one hundred years, two World Wars, and two continents., Ruth. When the Fairy Tale Cupcake bakery is hired to make cupcakes for a book-signing event with an author who wrote a blockbuster novel filled with steamy local gossip, life is sweetuntil the author is found dead., Debra. In the first of a new series, a lifestyle entrepreneur must turn sleuth when her sister is the main suspect in the murder of a rival real estate agent during a garden tour., Kristen. Valentine Harris is asked to provide pies for a pie-eating contest at a fake Western ghost town in northern California, but the discovery of the body of the bartender turns the experience less than sweet., Rebecca. In the first of a series, an archaeologist is called in when a body is found in a well, but the discovery of the skeletal remains of a woman and an infant dating from Tudor times is not the only mystery in the areathe owners of the property where the bones were found claim their house is haunted and the local vicar is receiving abusive phone calls. A woman who has had severe panic attacks since she was a child after her father murdered her mother returns to her childhood home in northern Denmark with her young son to confront her memories, but finds that dredging up the past can be dangerous.. In the second in this Israeli espionage series, psychopathic agent 10483 is seeking revenge against those he feels were responsible for his betrayal by tracking down a nuclear warhead, but two groups within the Organization are on his trail. A Korean American searching for her twin sister who was kidnapped on a South Korean beach by North Korean operatives learns that she may still be alive thirty years later and agrees to work for the CIA to go undercover in North Korea to find her., Jean-Patrick. An unfinished noir novel featuring a war correspondent who also acts as a spy in various geopolitical hotspots over her forty year career, including author notes that suggest how it might have ended., Alexander. Precious and Grace investigate the case of a woman who claims she was fired unjustly from her job, even as Precious must deal with personal problems of her own including the reappearance of her disreputable ex and the appearance of an unknown sister., Derek B. A Norwegian police inspector travels to upstate New York to search for her missing brother, the suspect in the death of his lover, who was thrown out of a window, and when she joins forces with a local sheriff, she finds that things are quite different in America., Lawrence. Two female tourists in Hydra, Greece, one British and one American, discover a Syrian immigrant on the beach and help him, putting in place a plan for revenge with deadly consequences. is planning to leave for Berlin in 1940, but first she agrees to help the secretary to a well-known publisher who fears someone is trying to kill her, a case that involves her in the publishing world of the time and a missing manuscript about goings-on at Alcatraz., Stephen Robert. A French Jewish doctor who volunteered to help Mengele and other SS doctors at Auschwitz to save his family is working as a physician in the U. after WWII when another former prisoner tells him that one of the worst of the doctors is also living and practicing medicine in the U. and tries to convince him to help him kill the doctor., Karen Lee. An apocalyptic thriller featuring a man who awakens with a knowledge of future events, an ability that he uses online anonymously to predict the future until government agencies, religious groups, and journalists seeking his identity send him running for his life., Joseph. In a debut novel of psychological suspense, a woman who moves to Maine with her husband and family finds herself becoming obsessed with her next-door neighbor, so much so that she begins to break in to her house to read her diary only to discover that the neighbor has an unsettling connection to a college student who has disappeared., Peter. When his stepmother calls to say that his father has died in a suicide, a recent college graduate returns to Maine where his father ran a bookstore, but his stepmother, who is uncomfortably sensual tries to convince him that his father was murdered, and to make matters more complicated a young woman arrives in town who begins to question his stepmothers role in his fathers death in a twisty thriller., Marcia. Hannah Ives is in Denver to study the feasibility of legalizing medical marijuana in Maryland when one of the guests in the B&B where shes staying, and her investigation uncovers disturbing secrets and hidden agendas among the other guests. A wonderful gothic mystery that begins when a young tarot reader in Brighton receives a letter notifying her that she has been named in the will of her grandmother, a grandmother she never knew existed, and goes to Cornwall figuring to take financial advantage of what must be a mistake. When zoo keeper Teddy rescues a smart phone carried by an otter, she sees a photo of a murder in progress, leading to the discovery of the body of a marine-biology instructor notorious for sexual harassment of his students, and to the arrest of her friend, one of his accusers. When her fianc is accused of murdering a man who appears unexpectedly from her past and put in jail, witch Lily must find the real killer, especially after she sees his double walking in the street., Christine E. When she unearths the body of an elderly woman while digging her new vineyard, Halsey, the Wine Club, and her yellow lab pour over the suspects and work to end a reign of terroir., Vivien. After a bad breakup, a woman returns to work in her familys noodle shop, but the death by dumpling of the property manager of the shopping center, a man with a severe shellfish allergy, has the police looking at her family for the murder in the first of a new series., Devon. After her short-lived marriage fails, a woman enters the world of competitive cooking, but when one of the judges falls face down in a seafood flatbread pizza, she must find out who turned this food fight fatal., Kate. In the first of a rosy cozy new series, a woman leaves her deadbeat husband and dead-end job to work at her aunts flower boutique in a charming waterfront area of Portland, but when a sleazy developer is murdered with a pair of garden shears in his chest, she must find a killer., Peggy. In the first of a new series, a widow starts a knitting group called the Knit and Nibble, but when a newcomer is found dead, she must take up a new hobbyamateur sleuth. Southern event planner Liv is in Las Vegas for an Elvis-themed wedding, but when the minister of the Burning Love Wedding Chapel leaves the building permanently, the Dixie gang must scour the Strip for a killer., Lee. When food columnist Hayley gets the chance to cook alongside famous chefs at a celebrity bash, she is thrilleduntil she is felled by food poisoning and overhears two people plotting a murder., 7.99) Apr. A novel of broken lives and family secrets set in Corsica, where a woman returns after the car accident that killed her family decades earlier, and when a letter arrives signed with her mothers name, she must confront what really happened to her and her family years ago., 15.95) Apr. Jamie Harrison wrote a series of wonderful mysteries in the 1990s and is the daughter of Jim Harrison., Nancy. In the first of a new series set in Elizabethan England, an herbalist escapes London after her husband is murdered, but when her brother-in-law, a wealthy merchant, is found dead, an apparent suicide, she realizes that someone is after her and her entire family., Kay. An alternate history with fantasy elements set in England in 1936, featuring a young woman with a superpower who is recruited to investigate a possible German spy among the British aristocracy. The first of a new noir police procedural series set in Glasgow in the early 1970s featuring a detective inspector who discovers that a murder/suicide is tied to one of the citys most powerfuland most corruptfamilies., Eliot. In the fifth in this series set in eighteenth-century America, exiled Scotsman Duncan Mc Callum finds himself in trouble after a ship arriving from London explodes in Boston harbor and soon finds himself caught between the British officials who charge him with treason and the colonists who are fomenting revolution., Anne. Thomas Pitt undertakes his latest case at the behest of Queen Victoria herself, when one of her most trusted advisors is murdered in the final installment of this Victorian series._____. In the first of a new series featuring Daniel Pitt, the lawyer son of Thomas and Charlotte, set in 1910, he investigates the case of a biographer sentenced to hang for the murder of his wife in three weeks, unless Daniel can find the real murderer., Sarah. A widow leaves London for Essex in 1893 where she finds the villagers talking of a fearsome sea creature after the death of a young man, so because she is interested in the study of nature, she joins forces with the local vicar to discover what the creature indeed is., Taylor Jenkins. When an aging actress decides to reveal the secrets of her rise to stardom, she chooses a young journalist to tell the story of her career that began in the 1950s and included the seven husbands, but as her tale nears its conclusion, it becomes clear that the actress and the journalist are tied together in tragic ways., M. I love this series for the recreation of 1950s Britain and a smart heroine., Alisa. A debut author by a Canadian author set during WWII where a government code breaker fears that her past is catching up with her when she begins receiving messages from her former lover now on death row for a series of bank robberies that she committed with him.

PI Samantha Reid is hired by an actor to find his missing wife and toddler who disappeared shortly before the nanny was murdered, but her investigation uncovers some unsavory doings in the couples marriage., Aimee. When a group of young mothers go out for a drink together, one of the babies goes missing, and the subsequent hunt for him uncovers secrets and lies, leading to destroyed friendships and marriages., Billy. A debut novel that is part psychological thriller, part ghost story about an artist who rents an old house on the west coast of Ireland that dates back to the Great Famine, and when she and friends use a Ouija board during a house party, they call up a spirit that refuses to leave., Nora. In the first of a new series, a septuagenarian librarian in a small Georgia town turns to the bookmobile when the local library is damaged by a storm, but when the eccentric benefactor interested in providing money for the repairs turns up bludgeoned to death, she must find a killer as the evidence stacks up., Daniel. In the second on this series, Countess Trixie is asked by the police in Prague in 1905 to help when her phone number turns up in the pocket of a decapitated magician, but later she is asked by Franz-Josef I to investigate the suicide of his son., Iona. When Inspector Darling is compelled to return to England for questioning in the death of a rear gunner under his command in 1943, Lane follows, and after he is charged with murder she finds herself caught between a return to a life she had happily left at the end of WWII and seeing the man she loves hanged.Various considerations which seemed needful by way of introduction to the , presently to be written, and which yet could not be conveniently included in it, have found, in this preliminary volume, a fit place.Much illustrative material also, partly accumulated during past years and lying unused, I have thus gained an occasion for turning to account.After thus committing myself, it occurred to me as desirable that, instead of writing the volume simply for the Beginning in May, 1872, this publication by instalments has, with two brief intervals, since continued, and will be completed on the Ist October next : the issue of this volume being delayed until after that date.Since commencing the work, I have not regretted that I was led to undertake it.

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