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And reuploading just feels to much like cheating for since it is the same thing just improved art.

(The minor differences between A really good night and a really great night still haunt me to this day.) So if I do reupload it do I delete the old one and throw the people who actually favorited it out in the rain.

Hi all, This is just a quick update on the status of the new sim date game.

So no more monthy Pateron or atleast untill I figure out how to make it work.But I ignored it because I wanted to have something ready before january.And now I find myself between a rock and hard place. Tweaking the models, fine tuning the shaders, lighting and poses. Problem is I've already uploaded the goddanm thing, I can't expect people to revist a flash with limited appeal in the first place because I claim it's better now.I really can't say for sure whether it will be completed in the next few weeks, or if it will be longer because although about 90% of the game is completed, there is still a tremendous amount of work to do still for the game, and considering how long it has taken so far, I cannot describe our timescale in any accurate manner without risking misleading you guys. We're doing the best we can given the fact that this is an entirely non-profit, extracurricular project. I'm an african american woman with Asperger's syndrome who loves art and has been drawing since age 12.

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