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The city is home to a giant panda bear research center, which draws tourists from around the world.

The city serves as an excellent jumping-off point to explore the rest of Tennessee, and Nashville's surroundings offer many historical and recreational attractions, including old plantations and Civil War sites.Cunningham and Vice Mayor Sheri Weiner, then a district council member, visited Chengdu last year.“We received an excellent presentation about how they’re creating this whole new district that will have huge music venues, an acclaimed music school,” Cunningham said.The area surrounding famous Music Square in downtown Nashville, Music Row is the heart and soul of the nation's music industry.In addition to numerous souvenir and memorabilia shops and museums devoted to music and musicians, there are many memorials and plaques dedicated to some of the sites associated with music.

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“It was extremely impressive,” said Syracuse, who has a unique perspective on the intersection of music and government since he works at BMI and represents the Donelson area on Nashville’s Metro Council.

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