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The Try Guys, a quartet of Buzz Feed personalities who film themselves undergoing often absurd and humiliating experiences on camera (skiing in Speedos, posing for beefcake photos, suffering simulated labor pains), subjected themselves last year to a different kind of bodily experimentation: genetic testing.In the video, the guys spit into vials and ship them off to 23and Me, a DNA mapping service that extracts genealogical data from saliva.It’s available on i OS, Android and Amazon devices and it connects with Facebook and Instagram to make posting pictures and creating your profile simple.This isn’t the best dating site if you’re looking for matches catered to your preferences or one where you can read people’s in-depth answers, but its simplicity works for a lot of people. You will need a Facebook account so that Tinder can populate information on your profile about your age, job and other personal information. If you pay for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you get access to super swipes, which can be used to let potential matches know you’re very interested.Tinder Plus gives you the ability to appear as the first profile in your area for a limited time.The company says this gives you more of a chance to match with people.

Ancestry DNA, the testing arm of the online family tree service, promises that “your DNA is just one part of the story that leads to you.” Then there’s the DNA dating app, Pheramor, which matches users based on what it calls “the science of genetics-based human attraction.”All this focus on the self belies the broader consequences of widespread DNA testing.

It’s probably not a coincidence that these mechanisms of biological self-discovery are on the rise now, amid seething tensions over racism, immigration and what constitutes a “real American.” White supremacists are drawn to DNA testing to prove their racial purity, excitedly publicizing their exclusively European ancestries (or else dismissing any trace of outside DNA as a Jewish conspiracy.) But progressive white people seem to be using these services in a different way: as methods for performing racial harmony and assuaging white guilt.

These DNA spectacles offer a rare public forum where people of all backgrounds are encouraged to talk about their heritages in very similar ways, with a shared sense of suspense and excitement about “where they come from.” Over the past decade, genealogical edutainment shows — including TLC’s “Who Do You Think You Are?

And that leads to another form of performance, where white people deny the grotesque aspects of their heritage, or else detach from them with self-deprecating wokeness. “Your ancestor was beaten to death” by a slave, Henry Louis Gates told him. Cooper replied, “part of me thinks that’s awesome.”If these You Tube videos treat DNA testing with credence and awe, a Twitter meme parodying 23and Me results pokes at these tests’ specious scientific certainty and pushes back at the idea that these ethnic ancestral breakdowns say much at all about us and our place in the world.

One version plays off the lyrics to Meredith Brooks’s “Bitch,” editing a 23and Me results page to reveal a person who is 31 percent bitch, 9.2 percent lover, 17 percent child and 11 percent mother. Andrew Cuomo’s frequent rhetorical strategy of claiming membership to disadvantage groups, revealing his 23and Me results as 9.2 percent Muslim, 10.1 percent gay and 21.7 percent “woman trying to control her health.”These jokes ridicule the idea that anything truly relevant about our social realities can be measured to a fraction of a percent.

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