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Shungite softens such emissions, making these less hazardous to the human DNA and is used to make talismans protecting from dark energies and helping to restore peaceful equilibrium in the human systems.

In some European countries, they make shungite amulets to attract good luck and achieve success in love life.

Shungite and accessories made of it can shield you from electromagnetic radiation emitted by television sets, computers, microwave ovens, mobile devices, and other sources of EMR.

Such radiation can be harmful if an individual is exposed for a while to it.

Taking into consideration the specifics of sacred place's location on the Onega Lake and peculiarities of the symbolic figures the researcher first offered the hypothesis assuming that the Sun- and Moon-paths on the lake surface could have serve as exact natural marks of the points of sunrises (sunsets) and moonrises (moonsets) on the horizon for an observer at the lake coast.

One or two radial lines, located on the solar and lunar signs, could signify the above mentioned light paths and indirectly Sun and Moon risings and settings azimuths.

While you can an always place a stone in one of your pockets, it can be easily lost, and that is the reason why it is better to be put on a chain of inside a bracelet.

There are the reasons to think that a lunar and a solar signs of a similar type have been the most ancient astrolabes. Carbon is basically a material that is fossilized seabed from a Precambrian era.Shungite was formerly known as “Slate Stone” Due to its unique healing properties, shungite has been widely and successfully used in cosmetics and medicine, as well as a general energy protector in a variety of circumsdtances.There is a large variety of treatment methods involving the use of shungite.Applying shungite as well as water made of it to the human body is widely used to treat diabetes, cardiovascular system complications, gastrointestinal tract, undesirable mental states, upper airway, liver, joint, spinal, and skin diseases.

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