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Halle prepared for her part by working out in a boxing ring and getting a hair makeover.She’s expected to get physical with Keanu’s character and not in a good way…

She wants people to “have a negative feeling about church abuse and people taking away their money and families.” The special will air after season 3 of Aftermath, which, by the way, is expected to really agitate the Scientologists.

It all makes you WONDER if Danny’s other close friends (and 70’s Show costars) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are undercover Scientologists too!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News We love celebrities who love their dogs and aren’t too self-important to walk them.

Obviously 6’3” Liev Schreiber doesn’t fancy himself to be a tough guy like his Donovan character.

When his dog Woodrow was a small puppy, Liev carried him around in a pouch strapped across his chest.

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  1. " It was a point duly made: while many English speakers have only recently begun paying attention to Santos thanks to features on his new album, , from Drake and Minaj (prior collaborations with Usher and Lil Wayne were less noticed), Bronx-born Santos is bachata's prodigal son, a multi-platinum selling artist with an HBO Special and an especially rabid appeal in his hometown.