Matt nordgren dating audrina

Will it be new girl in town, Neill Skylar, best friend, Courtney Kerr, or a player to be named later?

My sister, who was good friends with this guy, Matt Nordgren in high school in Dallas, TX, still keeps in contact with him.

During the Longhorns’ national championship season, he primarily served as a holder.

He signed with the Eagles in June of 2006 and was cut later that month (but not so soon that he wasn’t able to pose for an NFL head shot). Nordgren later parlayed that brief NFL fling into a Bravo reality show whose existence was just as short.

Matt said he is NOT going to be on the upcoming season of The Hills though because they start filming next week and he has a lot of “business” to attend to outside of LA. the best part about this is that they are dating and Audrina doesn’t know that Matt has a daughter and that he is not a part of his daughters life because he is too immature and selfish now that he is a star f*cker.

Nordgren had been hoping to compete for a roster spot with Hawaii stat-filler Timmy Chang and Philly’s No. Donovan Mc Nabb and Jeff Garcia were the team’s No. Nordgren was a star of , which was of those reality shows that’s premise was perfectly captured in its title. The 30-year-old is a partner at his family’s energy conservation firm in Dallas and seems to be fairly successful.

Submitted for your consideration: Exhibit A: He played quarterback for the University of Texas football team. Their relationship is very close, calling into questions if there is more than meets the eye; but both Matt and Courtney deny it, claiming that they are “just friends.” plotline!

w=300" data-large-file=" w=1000" /Lindsay Lohan is reportedly dating former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Matt Nordgren, if we accept that “former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback” can refer to people like Donovan Mc Nabb as well as guys who were under contract for less than a week prior to 2006 training camp and that “dating” can also mean “using for good publicity.” The Lohan-Nordgren coupling was first reported bythough it should be noted that Nordgren skirted the question of a relationship when asked by Page Six. “But I have been a friend trying to support her for many years now.” Nordgren was a backup quarterback to Vince Young at the University of Texas.

He threw 14 times in his four-year career and ran for two touchdowns.

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