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From the start of the 1940's Taylor began to change his clean cut image by appearing in more gritty roles.

In 1941 he played the title role in 'Billy the Kid' and the following year he played the ruthless gangster, the eponymous hero of 'Johnny Eager' with Lana Turner.

There were attempts to have his films banned in France and in Hungary and Czechoslovakia his movies were actually banned.

While appearing in a college production in late 1932 he was seen by an MGM talent scout and offered a screen test.

He was known as "The Man with the Perfect Profile".

Search Amazon for Robert Taylor Robert Taylor was born in Filley, Nebraska, on August 5, 1911, with the birth name of Spangler Arlington Brugh.

In 1944 he also reluctantly appeared in another propoganda film, 'Song of Russia', in which he played an American classical conductor who falls in love with a Russian girl. After the war he returned to MGM and continued to develop his darker image, appearing in 1946 in the noirish 'Undercurrent' with Katharine Hepburn and Robert Mitchum and 'High Wall' in 1947 as a suspected killer.

The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) was an investigative committee created in 1938 to investigate any citizen or organisation suspected of having Communist ties.

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