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The incident at Wood’s house induced enough stress to cause her death, the medical examiner said.

Miles from civilization, hidden in a thick brush of bare trees and brown winter grass, lie the warped and decayed buildings of a once thriving colony.

Nadeau was told by her friend, who did not wish to be named, that her relative was a member 'back in the day' - which would have been some time between the 1960s, when the club was founded, and the 1970s, when it folded.

Few people in town now know about the colony, the Bangor Daily News said.'Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of info about it,' she said, 'because it was very hush-hush.

Why, in the world, would I want to write about nudity and rudeness?

Overall, from my point of view, nudity is acceptable in private, but unacceptable in public.

I suppose “googling” nude women or men is not a fair assessment regarding the rudeness of nudity.There are many meanings of rude, but the ones I think are applicable to this discussion are: So, considering the three previous examples, are any examples of being rude because of nudity?I think the last two examples were in the same category and perhaps, would be considered an act of rudeness.On the other hand, if we consider how nudity is “allowed” in the general public, we do have a double standard between men and women.In order to not be nude, generally both men and women must have their genitalia covered, but women have an added condition of having to cover their breasts.

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:-) Before going any further with this discussion, let’s try to define what is meant or nudity.

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