Liquidating assets before

If you wish to move 75 shares of AAPL to broker B and keep the rest with Broker A, you’d do a partial ‘in kind’ ACAT transfer of AAPL.

The ACAT is normally initiated from the new broker not the existing broker.

However, the valuation of the goodwill was subject to reservations about the company's business model and its future profitability if sold as a going concern.

In the event, the court found that the goodwill was probably worth about £5k.

So you’ve been thinking of switching your online broker. And though the usage ‘ACAT transfer’ is redundant (the T in ACAT stands for transfer), it has become customary to use the terms together.‘In kind’ transfer implies moving your stocks to the new broker.

ACAT stands for Automated Customer Account Transfer.

This is typically what one would choose.‘In cash’ is basically liquidating your assets and moving the cash out to your new broker. When you sell at a profit, you’ll be liable for capital gains tax.

You should look for Account transfer fees or ACAT fees. When you switch brokers you’d normally do a full ‘in kind’ ACAT.Directors of companies who dispose of assets or a business while in financial difficulties should comprehensively review all alternative courses of action, show they honestly believe the course of action they take is in the company's best interests, and take advice where appropriate.This update was published in Legal Alert - November 2015 Legal Alert is a monthly checklist from Atom Content Marketing highlighting new and pending laws, regulations, codes of practice and rulings that could have an impact on your business.The director therefore had to decide the chances of achieving a sale of the assets as a going concern.He was entitled to take into account the advisor's reservations about the business model and its ability to sustain profitability, and the costs of the alternative options.

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