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I can already hear a collective sigh of frustration from secular women everywhere, but hear me out.

When a woman is on her period and for at least seven days after, she is said to be “in niddah,” and considered to be unclean.

Rosh Hashanah translates as “the head of the year” in Hebrew and is when Jews observe the end of one year and the start the next.

It is thought by Jews to be the day that God created Adam and Eve, and serves as a time to celebrate the creation of the universe.

And it’s not just women who are expected to cover up.It is considered to be the holiest day in the Jewish calendar and is usually spent in prayer and fasting.Instead of typical New Year celebrations in the UK lasting for one night and day, it continues for two days until nightfall on September 22.Some extremely Orthodox women even go as far as to shave their natural hair once they’re married.On the flip side, many Modern Orthodox women let their Jewish locks flow in all their glory.

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