Is francesca gregorini dating alexandra hedison

Off topic: I can totally understand this now, but I couldn't when I was younger.If my partner and I were married I could put her on my health insurance policy.Someone needs to tell this fool that female is the default position.I bet this person, probably a woman, would run screaming from the room if she was informed that everyone was female at conception. Ellen did say that she wasn't planning on selling pictures-- but only because she's distributing her wedding portrait to all the magazines for free.The bar continues to fall in our society while morals and values that made this great nation are becoming obsolete. After all political correctness is nothing more than a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical, liberal minority which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.It's obviously a bunch of trolls/kids looking to get a reaction. There are some religious kooks who actually believe what they write but most of it is someone just trying be outrageous. Ya know like a lesbian couple can't really be a lesbian couple in their minds, but will always looks like best friends, or sisters or some shit.Cause WTF Ellen and Portia look Do I need to play that Kanye West song for you?

Keep in mind that last year at this time Sofia was engaged to someone ELSE. And, for all you who hate Mormons, legalized polygamy is just around the corner.This is the typical trash that is generated by a society of intellectuals who feel it is necessary to cater to every abnormal minority group in an effort not to offend. Isnt it ironic that these two wouldnt even exist if there parents had the same misplaced sense of marriage."; and if they say no then you know it's about the money. HUMMMM BUT YOU ALL ARE HAPPY FOR THESE TWO DEVILS FROM HELL. I RATHER DIE IN AFRICA THEN LIVE TO SEE THESE ODD THIGS IN U=NDER S=SINNER A=AUTHERS! The liberal community has normalized Sodom and Gomorrah.We keep lowering the bar so that pretty soon laws against beastiality will be unconstitiutional (and gay unions aren't far from that).

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if that's the case, portia would still be entitled to half of whatever ellen earned plus her properties even if portia wasn't named as part owner, while they were together and vice versa.regardless, portia had her own millions before getting together with ellen and i think they're in it for the long hall.

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  1. Already performing as "Candis Cayne" at New York gay bar Boy Bar and as a featured performer at Tour in New York's Chelsea, the entertainer also participated in Wigstock, the annual drag festival in Manhattan's East Village.