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Related Link: New Beginnings for Old Flames on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Back in the real world, Bukowski maintains his determination to find love, as many of his fans witnessed during his recent search for “Deerfield Abby.” The veteran describes how he and fashion blogger Dana Weiss of Possessionista tracked her down: “Dana saw that I posted on Facebook that I was looking for someone in Deerfield, Illinois.Once Dana and I connected, it turned into quite the extensive search and got way bigger than I thought it would.Dana is amazing, and she definitely helped find the Abby I was looking for, but it turns out that Abby has a boyfriend, which is why her friend was so mad about Dana’s post.At the end of the day, it was settling to be able to find her even though nothing happened from it — except for now I have about 15 new friends named Abby.” As his time on comes to an end (for now, at least), his business continues to flourish.“We just signed a deal that will open two more Bracket Room’s,” he says enthusiastically.

Although he and Frazier were friends prior to the show, he says she was too busy with Graham Bunn to spend any time with him.From Week 5, Night 1 of Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. Since his initial reality TV appearance, he has molded himself into quite the entrepreneur as the owner of The Bracket Room, a sports bar and lounge in Arlington, Virginia.New arrival Chris Bukowski arrived with a date card, but he spent most of the day partying in Paradise.Most everyone in the house -- especially his potential dates -- have noticed.

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