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Because of his other commitments during the week, I see him a couple of days in the week once he gets home (from 9pm), and on Saturday mornings.I love this man, and can appreciate the fact he is just trying to be a good dad (which he is, a fantastic dad), but he is only going to put her to bed every evening because his ex (who the child lives with), is threatening to take away custody if he doesnt do what she wants him to do.coz if she does m sure its also uncomfortable for that man,the problem here is with the ex shes punishing your man and using their baby 2 do it, and ur man is too afraid to lose his kid that he doznt even recognise it,n u also getting hurt in de process,wat u can do is try and support him,if theres a close family friend o any1 wus opinion ur man values,try having that person talk to him but in a friendly manner not like an ambush,becoz if u keep on trying 2 talk 2 him about it he'll think ur trying to push him away 4rm his kid and will resent u 4 that, n also cause problems for yoll, but if he brings it up then do talk 2 him about it, n try not 2 advice hm about solutions only,but also ask how he feels,how this whole thing affects him etc.

add Size([1050,200], 970,250],[728,90],[970,90],[970,400). build(); var leaderboard_mobile_mapping = Mapping(). He's been pretty honest about things because he could have lied about sleeping there I wouldn't have known...but I don't see how he thinks these things are even ok when he's trying to date me. I love him, i love her, but the few phone times or times i see him - the child is there or has to be there. Who am I to speak dating a nice guy with an 8 year old girl, we are in a long distance relationship.


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I know I'm not being unreasonable, but instead of coming in and destroying their established family dynamic, I'd rather disappear.. I have been up most of the night trying to find some light in my own situation with my BF and his 8 year old daughter.

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