Hypnotic techniques for dating success

Their script always has them saying your name—as if it will build rapport. A person’s name is so powerful that you have to have a very light touch when you use it. It’s natural to use it in conversation, so you don’t need to worry about being heavy-handed. It’s just the nature of being human.) The reason words that refer to us are so hypnotic has to do with a psychological effect called Fundamental Attribution Error.

Yet it encapsulates the same basic self-obsessiveness that makes your own name so powerful. Basically, while we are naturally critical of other people, our critical minds take a break when we evaluate ourselves. You may not have noticed this about yourself—but I bet you’ve noticed it about all those oblivious inconsiderate jerks constantly making your life miserable.

And bypassing the critical mind is the second of three crucial steps to achieving hypnosis.

(The first is attracting the person’s attention, which I’ll assume you’ve already done.) The third step is to stimulate the unconscious mind. As strange as it may sound, the brain literally cannot tell the difference between imagining reality, and actually experiencing reality.

Don’t you feel like they deserve more of a chance than other people? I don’t just like David Tennant because he’s talented.

Irrational as it is, I can’t help feeling that I ought to like him.

Firstly, you may have noticed that if you ask a stranger to do something—especially to buy something—they tend to balk. What’s interesting, though, is this doesn’t happen if you just ask someone to imagine something.

And I’ll include examples to help you put them to use.

But before I do that, a word about what hypnosis is, is not—and why these words are considered hypnotic.

So when people talk about us, we tend to be lulled.

What they’re saying bypasses the critical factor—and all that’s left then is to stimulate the unconscious mind. There’s nothing as stimulating to us as our own interests, desires, ambitions, goals, yearnings and emotions. So as long as your copy addresses those things for your prospect, it is guaranteed to carry them along in a rapt, semi-torpid daze of introspection.

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