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This is a bad dating habit, and it invariably stifles the other person.

You become so afraid of losing out to someone else, that you end up becoming too much to handle: you end up smothering the other person.

Don’t think about the future and what be, but instead just enjoy the moment. It’s fundamental that you don’t think about the past when you go on a new date. Go slow, go steady The problem with the “all or nothing” approach to dating is that when we meet someone we like, we start to obsess over them – often without realizing it.

You are not your past, and whatever bad experiences you may have had before do not need to define who you are now. This means we send updates every other day, bombard them with texts and get worried when we don’t hear from them for over an hour.

Do not blow a first date up into a big romantic night or weekend. If one of you does not have fun, then the other one may feel taken advantage of, and that will not help you start a great relationship.

This “make it fun” tip is brought to you by a lesbian who has been in this situation and made dating too complicated in the past.

Going slow and steady shows that you respect him, and – you know what I’m going to say – keeps it FUN. Remember that dating isn’t your whole life From experience, I know that dating can take over your whole life if you let it. One moment you feel intoxicated because he gives you a sign that he likes you, and the next you feel down in the dumps because something he said made you think “perhaps he doesn’t like me after all!Likewise, when the bad dates are bad, they’re really bad.And it’s these horrible experiences that can leave us feeling so dejected that we’re not so sure if we even want to date ever again.We invest so much of our time, emotion, and energy into it all that we forget to keep things in perspective.But it’s important to remember that dating supposed to be fun!

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