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He is waiting now for our strength to come to an end.

All our failures and defeats are meant by God to bring us to the end, for He can manifest His power perfectly only in our weakness ().

But if we bear in our body "the dying of Jesus" (the taking up of the cross each day, the dying to our ego, our self-will and our rights and reputation), God promises to produce the new wine of the life of Jesus in us ().

We are to run this race looking unto Jesus, comparing ourselves with Him alone, all the time.

Oh that we might all come there quickly and live in that place - with our face in the dust before God - all our days!

"Those who compare themselves with other believers are spiritual idiots" () for that is the surest way to spiritual pride and a hundred-and-one other evils.

The chief work that God seeks to do in each of His children is to break down the strength of self totally.

Jesus waited for the old wine to run out, at Cana, before He did His miracle.

We need to come back to the faith that was revealed by God to His holy apostles and prophets, as recorded in the New Testament Scriptures, if we are to fulfil God's purpose in our day and age.

To come back to that, we must be willing to do violence to every tradition of man that is contrary to God's Word ().

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We can never be in danger of spiritual pride as long as our eyes are fixed on Jesus and we compare ourselves with Him constantly.

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