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What's worse, it's installed as a system app, so it can't normally be uninstalled without root access. It will likely take a few more years before smartglasses are ready for primetime as component makers achieve the innovations necessary for consumer-centric device designs.

Nevertheless, two technology companies are making steps in that direction as Qualcomm is rumored to be working on a chip dedicated to AR & VR headsets, while Digi Lens has reduced the size of its waveguide displays for motorcycle helmets.

From there, you can stop recording from the same place or from the red status bar.

It's a very convenient addition to i OS, but there's one obvious downside — that red status bar, which can appear in your recordings.

As absurd as it can be, predictive text can also continuously suggest the same wrong word over and over.

Thankfully, Gboard offers users a way to quickly remove these suggestions for good on both i OS and Android.

Nearly one year after its announcement, Air Play 2 has finally landed on i Phones everywhere.

This update makes sense since i OS 12 will be announced at WWDC on June 4, and you can't announce a new version like that without first delivering on promises made for the one before it.

Native screen recording, one of the hottest features that Apple included in i OS 11, is easily started from the optional Control Center toggle on your i Phone.

In Android P, Google introduced a feature called "Wind Down" that aims to help combat this.

However, thanks to a creative app developer, we don't need to wait for Android P to enjoy this feature.

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