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Guyana-born Brian Haley, a Liberal Democrat who ran to be his party’s candidate for the Mayor of London election in 2012, is equally proud of his origins.He describes witnessing the moment when the British flag was lowered and the Guyanese flag raised as ‘a wonderful experience that filled me with pride’.Its chairman Faiyaz Mohammed says: ‘Every Guyanese I meet is supportive and strongly Guyanese; they share a common heritage of dances, food and sport.’Guyanese in London are united by their culture of tolerance, respect, positivity and tenacity.It is borne of a reliance on one another to survive Guyana’s challenging environment.Guyana, a little-known country on the north coast of South America, was governed by the British between 18.Although its citizens have been independent for close to half a century, their colonial past has had powerful influences on their culture and traditions.Their expression ‘hand wash hand, make hand clean’, meaning that people can’t do without each other, does a good job of describing their supportive, interdependent community.

She said: ‘My grandma turned her back on Guyana and didn’t teach my mother Guyanese culture.

The ageing generation of Guyanese who migrated to Britain in the 1970s have clung to their cultural roots and shared experiences.

However, as Theron Mohamed has found, many fear that young British Guyanese lack ties to their homeland, and their neglect of Guyana may hamper its future development.

As children my two daughters used to draw the national flag, and I raised them to know the president, the rivers and the counties.’Guyanese culture and identity are alive and well in London.

However, the community may face problems in the future: many fear that the younger generation of Guyanese is less interested in their heritage.

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