Government influence in teen dating abuse

Ajrawat indicted for federal health care fraud 2014-06-26: Counselor Danielle Hackett surrenders license 2014-06-23: Texas professional counselor disciplinary actions 2014-06-23: Psychologist Susan Mendelsohn surrenders license 2014-06-23: NY psychiatrist Michael Alexandrov disciplined by state 2014-06-23: Australian authorities reprimand psychiatrist Licia B.

Maiocchi 2014-06-12: NY psychiatrist Melvin Pisetzner loses license for sex with patient, etc.

Lee reprimanded over tranquilizer prescription 2013-11-21: Psychiatrist Saifullah Niazi suspended again 2013-11-21: State denies reinstratement of psychiatrist Mohammed Soori's license 2013-11-21: Psychiatrist Theresa Marie Mc Kay prohibited from practicing 2013-11-21: State revokes license of mental health counselor Christopher Hay 2013-11-21: State places psychologist Nicole Joy Siegfried on probation 2013-11-21: State revokes license of psychologist John T.Stees suspended for sexual misconduct 2013-12-18: Counselor surrenders license; questioned client on sexual matters 2013-12-18: State revokes counselor's license for fraudulent billing 2013-12-18: Counselor Travis Waits surrenders after sexual conduct with client 2013-12-18: State puts social worker Larry Rhodes on probation for sexual harassment 2013-12-17: Mental health services owner Calvin C.Estrich guilty of health care fraud, stealing identities, money laundering, etc.2013 2013-12-02: Michigan social worker disciplinary actions, Sept.-Oct.2013 2013-12-02: Illinois psychologist Zabrin Inan loses license in California 2013-12-02: Psychologist Mark Douglas Kline surrenders license on charges of sex with patient 2013-12-02: Psychologist Smita Ward loses license for sex with patient 2013-12-02: Michigan psychologist disciplinary actions, Aug.-Sept.

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