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These are the characteristics of an Epiphone that make identifying them un-mistakable in comparison to other American made plywood basses from this same time period, the early 1940 until the early 1960’s.Once we unlocked the mystery of what brand of bass we had, I discovered very little information existed on the history of the Epiphone upright bass.I found a little bit of history about Epiphone mandolins, banjo’s and guitars with only a few references about their upright basses…not enough to satisfy my curiosity.So here is where our quest for more knowledge about Epiphone upright basses begins.By 1935 the company name would be changed again to simply Epiphone Inc. In addition to moving the factory Epi added a show room where musicians would come to jam and hangout on Saturday afternoons.In 1939 Gibson (a huge rival to Epiphone) introduced a family of violin instruments which included upright bass to which Epiphone only responded with an upright bass of their own.When the bass was repaired by my husband and made playable once again, my research and love of Epiphone basses began.

Once we had the bass in hand we needed to make a major neck repair do to a shipping miss-hap courtesy of Greyhound Bus.

The database project has grown to a catalog over 280 basses or 7% of all the manufactured Epiphone and Gibson/Epiphone basses.

We have gathered this information that we will openly share, but by no means do I consider this to be the “official” history of Epiphone upright basses.

The information we have researched and gathered here on our website has come from three sources: the internet, a great book published in 1995 by Epiphone’s official historian, Walter Carter and our database collection project of vintage Epiphone basses.

We have owned or played in person over 75 Epiphone’s or Gibson/Epiphone’s.

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It had the shadow of the badge and the three tiny pinholes where the badge had been anchored to the tail piece.

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