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We have DIN EN ISO 9001 certifi cation and an AZAV permit.

We are registered as a competence centre for fastening and stainless steel processes and we have special workshops for innovative building services and accessible living.

The events take place either in the Ludwig-Bölkow House in Schwerin or in the training and technology centre in Werkstraße 600.

For the further training of technical staff in the metals industry we offer three levels of training.

Complete, clear and functional solutions from building technology are offered to the sanitary, HVAC and electrical sectors.

Trade entrepreneurs as well as customers can use this exhibition for consulting and presentations.

Advanced further training enhances practical vocational competence and paves the way to promotion.Many employees use the opportunity to advance their qualifications and improve their chances in their professional life.In our training and technology centre in Schwerin we offer courses with an examination at the Chamber of Industry and also further training combined with an IHK examination.It consists of four parts:• Subject practical Part (I)• Subject theoretical Part (II)• Business administration and law Part (III)• Vocational training Part (IV)We offer integrated craftsman preparation in parts III and IV for all handicraft trades in full time or part time courses.These parts are also offered in cooperation with local partners in Wismar and Güstrow.

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