Gemini dating a leo

Have you gotten locked into a dynamic that's not all that empowering for either of you?

Uranus will help you be more authentic, so you can break free from toxic patterns.

Maybe you'll step out and connect with your "market" or "audience," or even become a voice of the people.

As the only side-spinning planet rumbles through your authoritative tenth house, you're being called to lead with trailblazing flair.

Fame could also come calling, so prepare to go public with your talents or a powerful message.

Caution: A nothing-hidden full moon in outspoken Sag will crank up the candor, and you could get a little TOO real with certain people today.

It makes sense: Uranus is all about sweeping change, while Taurus craves consistency and wants to keep things the same.

It's like hosting a radical activist and a member of the old guard in the same place.

Uranus is actually in "fall" in Taurus, meaning it's in its least comfortable position here.

It won't be hard to express yourself when the May 29 Sagittarius full moon illuminates your fifth house of passion, romance and creativity.

A budding relationship might turn into a full-blooming spring fling.

Some lightness arrives on May 20, when the Sun enters Gemini and your social, outgoing eleventh house for a month.

You'll get by with a little help from your friends.

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