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In an official press release published on the UP website, Prof.Dalisay admits that the announcement of the results is “taking time, but we’re making doubly sure that the results are accurate and fair.” Good to know there’s now an official timeframe for the UPCAT results!Maybe Hanae Mori lovers will like it, but this edt is more powdery. I always found it slightly irritating especially after a while, the scent was too much, but kept getting complimented on it - its one of these strange like it but don't like it scents.Its quite heavy and definitely noticeable, I tend to veer towards much lighter and brighter, but still complex frangrances these days.Having been an avid palma violet sweet eater as a child - walking home from school buying 10 packets at 5 p each and excitedly smelling and rubbing on my skin for that palma violet note / i have now found my little nostalgic guilty pleasure . nobody i knew back then liked the taste or smell of palma violets .. To me it smells like a cotton candy or expensive powder, make up. I had a tiny bottle of this a few years back (one 5ml in a multi-pack by Guerlain). I got this in the beautiful vintage bee bottle - I adore it. Longevity is good on me - sprayed it last night when I went out with friends and smelt it on my wrist this morning upon waking. It opens as a dry, cold powder - I typically struggle with those type of scents, because they're usually paired with licorice. This could easily be a younger, more modern version of L'Heure Bleue thanks to that little hint of sweet berry which adds some sparkle to this violet and iris powder bomb. It's powdery like your makeup, then sweet violet blended with the raspberry. Classy, Elegant, Smart, Sophisticated ladies this is your fragrance! Safe to say that it does have amazing staying power as it lingered for days in my clothes and bedding.and to this day i do not think they are that popular . I loved it and remember loving it and so decided to by a bottle with some Christmas money, I was craving a powdery purple flower scent. It will be a repurchase for me when I run out, I hope the new Bee Bottles are here to stay. After a few hours this scent really blooms into it's peak sweetness when the scent transforms from a dusting of scented face powder to a creamy high-end tube of lipstick. It's everything a perfume should be and smell like. Xo I have had this one when I was in high school and I really enjoyed wearing it - a bottle lasted a whole year, I still keep it and smell it from time to time. :) I feel such a beautiful candied raspberry here, along with the powdery violet. Maybe I oversprayed but that was with a spray on each wrist.Every now and then the masochist in me craves some death by violets. They go very well with the fresh, feminine florals. There is a sweetness, but also the muskiness and sandalwood come through to keep this from being a sugar-bomb. Or maybe (obviously, as reading the reviews) this just translates differently for different women.The sandalwood and musk become more noticable at the end of the day. I had bought Love, Chloe for the second time (as I was craving for something elegant and powdery). It's powdery, given the iris role in this composition and it just is a happy scent. I do not think this is a sweet as candy scent meant for young 20-somethings or teens; this to me is a grown woman's fragrance. For me, this is something I want to wear when I want to grab my man's attention and.closer... Comfy in the hands and easy to spray, which my bad wrists appreciate.

At the end, sweet raisins and balsams together have joined iris and Tonka bean to round the composition. At first spray I get violets and fluffy pink bubblegum that then turns into a beautiful soft musk and honey..soapy incense.

So - there is something in this that I really like AND something that also irritates me :) I love this, and the fact that where I live not many people wear it.

It tends to be overlooked so it’s nice smelling original in a pleasant yet sexy (in my opinion) fragrance. So I finally found a store that had a tester of Insolence EDT and it's a love!

I feel like it’s really unique with how the violets and berries blend without being relegating to ‘laundry powder’. I have also noticed that Insolence and Pink Extasy by Montale share a kinship. I was convinced I wouldn't like it and was ready to dismiss it, but my oh my, this is lovely!

I think that a close comparison I could make would be Dior Pure Poison which I tired of after forcing myself to wear it being one of my few high end perfumes at the time. To me, this smells like sweet berry candy with a touch of powder. Definitely not something I'd like to be caught wearing at even my worst of moments.

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Probably the biggest blind buy mistake of my life Feminine, powdery, flirty violet scent! This is definitely the winner of My Next Perfume award. I usually don't like raspberry in fragrances, but this one is well done. It's for the woman who knows what she wants and gets it.

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