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This particular ad is promoting a combination free trial of Bio Geniste Wrinkle Reducer and Dermal Meds, and Brenda claims that she obtained these results by using these two products in combination. Oz does not, I repeat DOES NOT have his own skin care line, cream or serum.

I’m sorry to say, but there is no wrinkle cream, or combination of, that will give you this type of result, and this happens to be a photo-shopped image purchased on a popular website called “shutterstock.”No, they don’t! These crooks can say anything they want, don’t believe their false advertisements!

These scam companies claim celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Ellen Degeneres, Katie Couric, Christie Brinkley – even Queen Kate – use these creams to obtain their ageless skin – and the “proof” seems nothing short of amazing in the before and after pics. Oz and Oprah, they state that Oprah is retiring to pursue her new skin care line with Dr. I’m not trying to be mean about this, it’s not your fault that there are liars and crooks out there, I’m just trying to help open your eyes so you won’t fall for it.

But I can assure you, none of these Hollywood stars promote any of these fly-by-night wrinkle creams scams, much less use these garbage creams. These scam artists use his pictures, video clips, fake quotes, anything to make you believe that Dr. I get countless emails every day from women saying “I ordered Dr.

Beware of ANY ADS for creams on Facebook and always scroll to the bottom to read the terms and conditions.

And Kelly Rippa is NOT quitting her show to “focus on her skin care line full time.” Nor is Angelina Jolie launching a new skin care line to help her recover from her divorce.

Well, my efforts were in vain when I recently got snagged by deceptive and manipulative marketing tactics by a company called Radiant Revive.

This company advertised online for exclusive and limited time only free samples of Repair and Release Cream (.95) and an additional product called Bright Eyes Serum (.90).

It’s super helpful if you do leave a review, please list the name of the cream or product, and a phone number to cancel if you have it. Read my Lifecell review here or visit the Lifecell website PLEASE read the terms and conditions before you you order!!!! You pay shipping plus if you don’t cancel within 14 days, your charged .95 per month automatically from the card you use to order.

I consider myself to be pretty thorough when ordering products online.

I read through the web pages and try to be as informed as possible before I place an order.

Lifecell (the only free trial product I recommend), shows you the terms and conditions UP FRONT.

Again the difference is Lifecell gives you 30 days and offers a great product, and has friendly customer service agents if you wish to cancel. I haven’t found a product yet that makes wrinkles vanish quicker than Lifecell – it works instantly to smooth those wrinkles!

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Educating yourself on how these supposed free trials actually work is your best defense against being taken for what can sometimes add up to hundreds of dollars! In the example I used above, the combination free trial offer was Bio Geniste Wrinkle Reducer and Dermal Meds, but I could literally cut and paste about 100 different wrinkle creams in their place because the ads are IDENTICAL, and they often rotate.“Avonlea and Pristine,” “Nuvalift and Puravol,” Bellalabs and Dermaperfect,” “Absolute Rejuven and Absolute Derma,” “Splendyr Instant Wrinkle Reducer and Levela Anti-Aging Cream,” “Luminelle and Alleure” – there are so many that I can’t possibly list them all but some of these may ring a bell.

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