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"marilyn was a wary of the boys' advances at first, particularly since she had been planning to go to class before they showed up with all their talk about big cocks, but the promise of cash, as it often does, helped to overcome her hesitance.

Martine's arms had been twisted behind her back, tied together at elbows, forearms and wrists and bend into a reverse prayer position. This had the effect that, whenever her muscles began to relax too much, her kneeling body would slump forwards, the strain on her arms - especially her elbows and shoulders - would increase.

You came, you saw, you conquered", Martine told Fred.

The room was isolated, soundproof, hidden beneath the house.

Leaning forward he whispered into her ear: "But it's not 'just' sweat, Martine. This is the darkness you wanted." The tip of one finger touched her clitoris and she couldn't help but push against it. Now you need to show courage and finally be true to yourself, Martine.

But she still protested, producing only unintelligible noises due to the massive ballgag. Say hello to our old friend."Fred was right, she realized: He wasn't afraid of it anymore, not one tiny bit.

Their first evening together had been the best thinkable kind of surprise encounter: They had both been funny, flirty and sexy. And they had finally shared a taxi and fucked their brains out in Martine's apartment.

Their affair developed into something more committed during the following months. It was all the more surprising because at first glance, they didn't have much in common: Fred had been brought up mostly in the UK before his family had moved to the United States.

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